Santa Barbara Real Estate Agent


I am a Santa Barbara native who has a passion for where I live.   My business has an emphasis on valuable information, customer service and integrity.  Although most consider my profession as focusing around sales, I do not consider myself a salesperson.  I consider myself to be service provider.

My aim is to:

  • Build trusting, valuable and lasting relationships with my clients.
  • Educate my clients about Santa Barbara real estate and related matters.
  • Provide safe passage through the ever-changing process of transferring property.
  • Provide continuing support even when I am not actively working with my clients.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me anytime.  I am here to answer your questions, do research you dont have the time or resources to do and give you the tools to make decisions that are in your best interest.


Meet the Team

Thomas C. Schultheis – REALTOR, S.F.R, C.D.P.E, B.P.O.R – Although real estate agents are generally seen as salespeople, Thomas does not consider himself one.  His primary objective and concern, while working with buyers and sellers alike, is to assist in market education and to facilitate the transfer of property in a manner that protects his client’s interests.    He does not believe in trying to convince his clients of anything, but rather help bring them to the realization of what they really want and get them to the point where they are comfortable making the next step (even if it means not making a sale).

Being a Santa Barbara native, Thomas understands how to build lasting    relationships though client-oriented service, authentic relationships, and an ethical approach to business.  One of Thomas’ many career goals is to improve the standards of practice in real estate & business through example, colleague support, & industry involvement.

Doug HeadshotDoug Van Pelt – REALTOR, BPOR, E-PRO – After retiring from being President of Evans Communications, Doug chose to enter the Santa Barbara real estate community.    With decades of experience in sales and real estate investment, Doug serves as a listing partner, business advisor and cover agent for Thomas.  Doug’s knowledge and experience brings tremendous value to Thomas and his ability to more fully accommodate his clients’ needs.


Andre HeadshotAndre Frietas – Marketing Assistant  – Although Andre assists Thomas in many areas of his business, his two main responsibilities are to manage print marketing projects and to manage the distressed property database.  Originally from Brazil, Andre’s formal education is in Education and English.

Susana HeadshotSusanna Salcedo – Transaction Coordinator – Susanna is the supporting cast when it comes to managing transactions.   She makes sure that our clients, escrow officers, and service providers are all up-to-date with time sensitive documentation.   From compiling all pertinent paperwork onto a disk for our clients’ records, to making sure nobody misses a signature, to managing home warranties and Natural Hazard Disclosure orders, Susanna is an important facet to the team and to the transaction process.

Kyle HeadshotKyle Kemp –District Manager – Kyle is a dedicated, smart, and enthusiastic manager who is committed to bring out the best in his agents.   Kyle always makes himself available for advice and makes sure to review all transactions to ensure client protection.  He also encourages his agents to embrace continuing education and more effective marketing practices by holding in-office seminars and meetings on a weekly basis.  We are lucky to have Kyle at the helm.

Martha Mosier – Legal Counsel  – Although we have never had to utilize Berkshire Hathaway Home Services’ in house counsel, we feel incredibly comforted knowing that Mr. Kramer is available should the situation arise.  Sam takes a proactive approach and provides weekly legal video blogs pertaining to recent and relevant issues in todays market.  He also makes himself, or a colleague available for immediate needs when we are out in the field.

Berkshire Hathaway Home Services – The supporting Network – Being owned by Berkshire Hathaway (Warren Buffet) is most definitely a comfort when thinking about what Brokerage you want to affiliate yourself with (Realtors and Clients alike).    Berkshire Hathaway Home Services’ agents are consistently topping the charts when it comes to production and client satisfaction.    From supporting their agents through their extensive network of online and print advertising to the company culture, Berkshire Hathaway Home Services California Properties has proven itself as a market leader in real estate services.