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Home Values:

Condos $500,000 – $3.5 million
Homes and Cottages – $1.0 million – $5 million
Oceanfront and Estates – $5 million – $40 million +

Population: Approximately 9,000

Properties: Approximately 3,500 households on over 5,000 acres.

Montecito is an unincorporated community in Santa Barbara County, California. As a census-designated place, it had a population of 8,965 in 2010. This does not include areas such as Coast Village Road, that, while usually considered part of Montecito, are actually within the city limits of Santa Barbara, located directly to the west. Montecito occupies the eastern portion of the coastal plain south of the Santa Ynez Mountains. Parts of the town are built on the lower foothills of the range. Notable roads spanning Montecito include East Valley Road, Mountain Drive, and Sycamore Canyon Road, all of which form part of State Route 192. In addition, the U.S. 101 freeway runs along the south end of town, connecting it with other cities in Santa Barbara County and the rest of Southern California. The community is consistently ranked by Forbes Magazine as one of the wealthiest communities in the United States.