Santa Barbara Real Estate Now

Before we continue with the neighborhood “Now and Then” posts, I though it would be nice to add periodic posts on our local market, especially when the news is this positive! The Santa Barbara real estate market is gaining a lot of momentum. Optimism over this upswing in the market is warranted, as January and […]

Santa Barbara Then & Now: San Roque

San Roque                               THEN San Roque’s history is far more scandalous than the family- friendly reputation it has today. The Chumash, Spanish Dons, and Gold Rush Bandits once occupied the land that comprises what we know today as Ontare, Foothill, Alamar […]

Santa Barbara Then & Now: Samarkand

SAMARKAND When Samarkand is brought up, most of us think: family, safety, great homes, close to San Roque, a hidden jewel, and of course, lawn bowling. What may not cross our minds is the neighborhood’s history: Persian hotel, sugar tycoon, and Santa Barbara’s first airfield. Welcome to Samarkand: “The Land of the Heart’s Desire.”   […]