What do you expect from your Realtor?

I think I’ll take my blog into different territory today!

As you may know, Realtors have unique relationships with one another.   As we are all independent contractors, we find ourselves competing with each-other on a daily basis.  Whether it’s building our client base through various types of marketing or entering a multiple offer situation on a desirable house, we are forced to compete against each-other, one way or another.  Although we are all competitors, we recognize  that we are all colleagues at the same time.   Because of this, most of us make efforts to maintain an etiquette, set in place by various laws and codes, that allow us to protect our clients best interests in a legal and ethical manner while at the same time maintaining good and professional relationships with fellow Realtors.

Whether or not Realtors play by the rules is a different story and to be honest, at times, the rules can be a bit hard to define.    This brings me to the point of this post. Today I was having a discussion with a colleague/competitor about what the Realtor’s responsibility is in terms of bringing certain considerations to our clients attention.  Some Realtors take the approach of letting their clients do all the discovery while other Realtors are willing to get elbow-deep in various issues.   From experience, I recognize that some clients are more knowledgable and pro-active than others and, due to this, we need to adjust our service to accomodate the specific needs of a client.    All this being said, I still find a big difference in Realtor’s approaches.   I feel a personal responsibility to educate my clients and to make them aware of issues that I feel are important.   My colleague felt that many of the issues (or potential issues) were not his responsibility to bring to his clients attention. His reasoning was that his clients were smart enough to navigate pros/cons of the issues alone.

So here is my question to all of you…. ( I know what I think but I’m curious to see the different responses I get)

Basic assumptions:

1. Your Realtor cannot see the future and he/she is not a Lawyer, Accountant, Mold inspector, contractor, zoning inspector etc. (you get the drift)

2. Your Realtor is knowledgable of the market and proficient in managing the transaction start to finish

3. Your Realtor will be disclosing standard and required issues.

What DO you expect from your Realtor?  Should your Realtor point out every detail that “could” be an issue, affect resale or overall value? Or should your Realtor let the client take the drivers seat, only bring up the common issues and trust that you have considered everything thats it important to you?  

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